Simple, cost effective ways of boosting wellbeing

If you knew there was a guaranteed means of improving your mood, your health, and mending and reviving your body - you'd do it, right?

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Monday, 22nd October 2018, 9:48 am
A good mattress is key to sleeping well

According to the NHS, failing to get a good night’s sleep can be bad for our health, putting us at risk of a string of medical conditions from heart disease and diabetes to obesity.

Poor sleep affects one in three of us, leaving us physically drained and mentally flat.

The award-winning Leesa mattress is available to try at home for up to 100 nights

So what can people in Sunderland do to boost their sleep and give their bodies that vital ingredient that can not just make them feel better, but could help boost their health?

Get some fresh air: Too much sitting down at work or in front of the television and not enough activity during the day, means our body hasn’t had the exercise it needs.

Go for a leisurely walk: join one of Sunderland’s Walking for Health weekly walking groups and you’ll meet new friends on the way.

Get on your bike: Take a cycle around part of the Sea to Sea cycle route, taking in the breath-taking views.

Eat well: As a nation, we love our spicy food, fry ups, and comforting, rich dishes that warm us up. While they’re all delicious, a heavy, spicy meal before bedtime can mean a restless night.

Opt for lighter dishes, fresh fruit and healthy vegetables. Browse the stalls at Sunderland Farmers’ Market for lots of delightful produce that tastes good, is locally sourced or produced and could be that bit healthier.

Get crafty: The repetitive motion of crafts like knitting and crochet can help our minds wind down and get ready for sleep, while a craft project can help take our minds off whatever may be causing stress or anxiety, setting us up for a better night’s sleep.

Look for details of knitting and crochet groups in Sunderland's yarn and craft shops, or teach yourself – there are lots of YouTube videos that can take you from beginner to expert.

Step away from the screen: Too much screen time just before bed simply stimulates our brains, hot wiring it into action at the very time when we should be unwinding. Browse the shelves of your local library for a good book – or download an audio book for a bedtime story.

Get it right: A good mattress is key to sleeping well. However, if you’ve bought your mattress in a typical showroom, chances are you only spent a couple of minutes trying it out before buying.

The award-winning Leesa mattress is available to try at home for up to 100 nights, to help give you the peace of mind that it’s the right mattress for you.

What makes the Leesa mattress different is the unique combination of three premium foam layers that adapt to your body, providing optimum support and comfort for all body shapes, sleeping styles and firmness preferences.

There’s a 15cm dense core support layer at the base of the mattress, with a 5cm memory foam recovery layer in the centre, and a 5cm responsive comfort layer on top which is designed to promote airflow, avoiding over-heating and providing the right amount of bounce.

The Leesa mattress currently has over 12,000 5-star reviews worldwide and has been awarded a string of accreditations, including Which? Best Buy, Men’s Health Lab approval and Good Housekeeping Institute approval.

Leesa also operate a One-Ten social impact programme, which donates one mattress for every ten sold, supporting organisations serving homeless and at-risk men, women and children.

Find out more about the Leesa mattress and the Leesa One-Ten programme at