Sick thugs kill child’s rabbits

Samantha Jane Best pictured with daughter Ieshea opposite the rabbit hutches at their Easington Colliery home.
Samantha Jane Best pictured with daughter Ieshea opposite the rabbit hutches at their Easington Colliery home.
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A THREE-YEAR-OLD girl has been left devastated after sick thugs slaughtered the pet rabbits she got for Christmas.

Little Ieshea Scullion went out into her back garden to play with her four rabbits before she started nursery – only to find the hutch door wide open and hay strewn all over the grass.

The youngster ran to tell her 21-year-old mum Samantha Jane Best and after a short search, they found the blood-soaked bodies of Blackie, Lily and Harvey dead on the field opposite their home.

Another pregnant rabbit, named Daisy, has not yet been found.

Single parent Samantha Jane, also mum to Lillymay Nixon, aged seven months, said she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the lifeless pets – two of which Ieshea got as Christmas presents and two she was given by a friend.

“I think it’s just sick,” said Samantha Jane, of Station Road, Easington Colliery.

“They must know the rabbits belonged to a child. It’s disgusting.

“Ieshea’s been so upset. She saw them dead, it was awful. She keeps asking why someone has done this to her rabbits.

“I just didn’t know what to say to her when they were gone, but when we found them I was just speechless.”

She added: “My ex-boyfriend came round and he said it looks like they’ve been mauled by a dog. They’re my bairn’s rabbits. They must have seen her going out to see them on a morning, that’s all I can think of.

“Even the police officer who came out said it was sick.”

Samantha Jane contacted Durham Police and officers have since launched an investigation into the animal attack which is believed to have happened some time during the night from last Sunday into Monday.

She said the family’s pet dog was barking about 3.30am on Monday and Samantha Jane believes this may have been when the attack took place.

A spokesman for Durham Police said: “Somebody appears to have gone into the rear garden and stolen the rabbits from their hutch. Three have been found dead and one is missing.

“Officers are making inquiries in the area and we would also encourage anyone with any information about this incident to contact us on 101.”

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