Seven deep at the bar in Marlows

Oh those memories! They came flooding back when we asked Echo readers to reminisce on a popular Sunderland spot.

Tuesday, 6th June 2017, 11:08 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th June 2017, 11:21 am
Marlows in 1987.

We posed the question ‘who remembers Marlows’ and it got a response from more than 54,000 of you.

Drinking vodka and orange, negotiating the stairs and enjoying the disco were all among your memories of the place and plenty of you shared recollections.

Customers enjoy the atmosphere in Digbys.

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Kelly Brown reminded us of the popular spots which made up the itinerary of a great night out.

“Started at Gillespies, round to Vestry, Digbys, Marlows, Idols, then Pzazz or Chambers. Them were the days n much better music and nightlife than now!!”

Alison Markides Weikel agreed and said: “Yes we started our night out at Marlows a lot.”

Jimmy Rayvon was another who was keen to reminisce and said: “DJ stand was on the raised area with massive disco light and smoke machine to dance floor. Takes me back to when I had some gigs lol,” he said.

Chambers in 1990.

Julie Dixon said that she and her husband “enjoyed many a night in Marlows.”

Doris Hightower and Sarah Dixon both talked about the stairs which needed to be negotiated with care and Sarah added: “Worked there early 90’s.”

Anne Hanley worked behind the bar briefly in 1983 while John Wheldon commented: “Loved it in the early 90’s.”

And David Major told us: “Didn’t look any different in the 90s but loved it all the same !!!”

Customers enjoy the atmosphere in Digbys.

Darren Waterhouse said: “Loved this place! Back when the town was full of great bars!”

And thanks also to Tom Booth who said: “Remember early days when only the front but was there ,very exclusive.”

Sharon Cleminson said she enjoyed a visit while Rachel Harding said: “Worked there for short time. Navy PE skirt and a white sailor jacket.. loved it.”

And Michelle Clark certainly won’t forget why Marlows was such a special place for her.

Chambers in 1990.

“Met my hubby in here. Married with 2 kids and still going strong 23 years later.”

Thanks also to Liam Carty who said: “Spent a few years working there. Seven deep at the bar all night and great tunes.”

And the great memories just kept on coming with Tracey Parkin telling us: “I met my other half in here and 27 years later still together.”

Maureen Davidson commented: “Went there every Thursday night. That was in my courting days. Married to that person now.”

Robert Mullen described Marlows as “One of my faves in the day” while Joanne Coates simply remarked: “Pink night....”

Kayley Wilson-Fasa said they were the “Best nights ever” and Mau Fildes recalled: “Flaming Sambucas !.”

James Rebecca described them as “cracking” days while David Stephenson said :”I was glass collector there, cool pub, haha.”

Lisa Scott said she “always started our night in Marlows” while Chris Sumby commented: “Remember Marlows well.”

Thank you too to Diane Richardson who said: “Loved a bit dance on a Sunday night with Dave the rave.”

Karen Robson said she “loved Marlows” and Michelle Smith said: “Back when Sunderland was a great night out xx.”

Maxine Jenner “loved the place” and Gary Scorer described them as “gud times.”

Similar comments came from Stewart Fenwick who called them “Class days!!!” and Kelly Jacklyn Johnson said: “I remember it in 1997-8.”

Another with a great reason to remember the place was Paul Forrest who said: “Loved going in on a night out, walked in and won a holiday.”

Annemarie Casey remembered Marlows because she worked there while David Wilson said he “worked on building it.”

Others who liked our social media post were Natalie Scollen, Michelle Smith, Fiona Moss, Michelle Bryan, Judith Hann, Linda Podd Mackel, Paula Thornton and Fiona Rowe.

We also got a thumbs-up from Paul Booker, Joe Collins, Aaron Carr, Louise Cape, Danielle Carolan, Andrea Knapp, Jill Ross and Mandy Goulden.

Thanks to everyone who took an interest in the post and we would love to hear from more of you with recollections from the Wearside nightclub scene.

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