See video of Kate Middleton’s Sunderland cousin strutting her stuff in pop video

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KATE Middleton’s burlesque-dancing cousin is to appear in a risque music video.

Katrina Darling, from Sunderland, appears wearing nothing but underwear and a bird mask in the Pecky Bird promo for instrumental rock group B>E>A>K.

Katrina Darling appears in a video for Sunderland band B>E>A>K

Katrina Darling appears in a video for Sunderland band B>E>A>K

The 21-year-old was thrust into the limelight earlier this year after it was revealed she was a second cousin of Kate, now Duchess of Cambridge.

Katrina, who has been performing on stage since she was 18, has already won a string of high-profile modelling jobs and performed in sell-out shows.

“I have always worked very hard and got myself out there by myself,” she said. “But obviously when the link with Kate came out it did open a few more opportunities.

“It’s not a hindrance, but it’s not something I would like to rely on and I would rather stay credible.

“That’s why I like to do smaller projects that are closer to home like this music video.”

The dancer, who works as an accounts consultant by day, said she was unfazed by the blaze of publicity which followed national newspaper stories about her connection to newly-wed Kate.

“Obviously, some things people said weren’t very nice, but then there were others saying ‘well, at least she’s got a job’,” she said.

“The person who wrote about me has obviously never met me.”

Katrina’s modelling and burlesque career has taken her on jobs all over the country, but the self-confessed home bird decided to settle down in her home city of Sunderland where she continues to work.

Despite taking up a new job working for a bank, she still dedicates time to her out-of-hours occupation, which saw her signed up to perform in B>E>A>K’s latest video.

Wearing a range of colourful and scanty outfits, Katrina can been seen dancing behind feather fans.

“I’m used to wearing bizarre costumes so that didn’t bother me,” she added.

“We did it over a couple of days just dancing in the middle of a squash club while blokes were playing around us.”

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