See giant T-Rex bring lessons to life at Sunderland school

A huge Tyrannosaurs Rex thrilled hundreds of youngsters when he visited a Sunderland school.

The pupils at South Hylton Primary Academy had their dinosaur writing project brought spectacularly to life.

Rex shows his softer side to youngsters.

Rex shows his softer side to youngsters.

The 7ft high, 16ft long king of the dinosaurs towered over pupils as they gathered in the school hall.

Youngsters at the school have been learning about the time when T Rex and other huge reptiles ruled the earth.

The 65-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus – known as Rex – was the star of a packed week of dinosaur learning for pupils at the Sunderland school.

They also got to meet two baby dinosaurs and are nurturing their own ‘dinosaur egg’ in a classroom, working out what they think will hatch from it.

Reactions from the pupils to seeing the T Rex were wonderful

Angela Roberts

Rex and the baby dinosaurs were brought into school courtesy of Dial a Dinosaur.

These dinosaurs are state-of-the-art animatronics, blinking, roaring and opening their mouths.

Pupils weren’t put off by the fearsome rows of razor-sharp teeth sported by the T Rex which was under the watchful eye of his keeper and safari ranger Mike Phelan, of Dial a Dinosaur.

Mike said: “Dinosaurs are something that children especially love.

Rex impresses the youngsters at South Hylton Primary Academy.

Rex impresses the youngsters at South Hylton Primary Academy.

“When you have a seven feet tall, huge dinosaur come towards you it can be frightening at first, but we have Rex knock my hat off with his tail which brings the children forward to pat him and make friends.

“We also brought in two baby dinosaurs for the little children as well, they thoroughly enjoyed it. We help make so many memories when we come into schools with the dinosaurs.”

The academy’s deputy headteacher, Angela Roberts, said: “Some of the reactions from the pupils to seeing the T Rex were wonderful, they didn’t know he was coming in.

“They are so fired up by the project we are running and the T Rex just took things to another level for them, bringing what they are learning about to life.

Pupils happy to talk to Rex.

Pupils happy to talk to Rex.

“We are having a writing project called Dinosaur Week and at the beginning of the week we put a great big egg out in the nature garden which all the classes went to have a look at.

“They’ve been trying to work out what it was, one of the boys thought it was a Pterodactyl’s egg as he thought he saw one up in the sky.”