Seaside cannonball pods are due in Sunderland today

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THREE cannonball pods are due to land on Sunderland seafront today.

The moveable pods were part of a successful Sunderland City Council bid for £1million of investment to regenerate the area.

However, they have been slammed by some businessmen as “hideous”,“stupid” and like “something out of the Teletubbies”.

The pods can be adapted to a variety of uses. They also come with their own sustainable power source.

Two are being leased to Roker Park-based environmental charity Ceed, which works with schools and community groups across the city, for community-based activities.

As well as using the pods for their own activities, Ceed will allow other community groups and schools to use them.

“We’re really excited about the pods’ arrival,” said Susan Nolan from the charity.

“They’ll provide a new and unique angle to the environmental and educational work that we do and it will also be great to see them being used by other groups too.”

Carol Pearce, who is taking on the third pod as a tea/coffee kiosk, said: “I’m really looking forward to it.”

Cabinet secretary, Councillor Mel Speding said: “The pods played a really important role in helping us win the £1million from the Government that paid for the first phase of the improvements to the promenade at Roker.”

Ceed is holding a family open day at its seafront pods between 1pm and 4pm on Saturday.