Search for owner who left cat to die

PUT DOWN: This tabby cat had to be put to sleep because it was in so much pain.
PUT DOWN: This tabby cat had to be put to sleep because it was in so much pain.
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DUMPED and left crying out in pain, this cat was found crawling across a garden, desperate for help.

The male tabby had been abandoned, along with a leopard-print bed, under a bush in Wolsey Road, Westlea, Seaham, and was discovered by the home’s owner.

They called in the RSPCA, which has said it is among one of the worst cases its officers have come across.

The pet has had to be put to sleep to end his suffering.

The charity’s Inspector Michelle Penny said: “I’ve never seen a cat in such a terrible state.

“He was collapsed and struggling to breathe.

“He was emaciated and had chronic diarrhoea, which was all over him.

“He was also suffering from a severe ear infection in both ears, dental disease and his claws were so overgrown that some of them had dug into the pads on his feet.”

It is believed the cat, thought to be aged between eight and 10 years old, had previously been confined in a small space where he had been living in his own faeces.

He was not wearing a collar and ID tag, nor was he microchipped, so the RSPCA has no way of identifying his owner.

He was taken to a local veterinary practice where he was put to sleep immediately to end his pain.

RSPCA Inspector Penny added: “I want to know who allowed this cat to get into this condition then turfed him out to die alone under a bush in someone’s garden.

“One neighbour saw someone in black in the garden of this house at about 2am that morning.

“If you know who that person was, recognise this cat or have any specific information that might lead us to the owner please ring the cruelty line.”

The cat was found on Tuesday, May 24.

Anyone with information is asked to leave a message for Inspector Penny on the RSPCA’s cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.