Scream egg

Lee Loraine bit into this Cadburys creme egg to find an ants nest and live ants crawling inside.
Lee Loraine bit into this Cadburys creme egg to find an ants nest and live ants crawling inside.
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HOW do you eat yours – with ants?

What should have been a normal lunchtime treat turned into a celebrity jungle horror challenge for Sunderland window fitter Lee Loraine.

Lee, 38, from Castletown, was having lunch in his van with his usual Cadbury’s Creme Egg snack.

However, this time there was a nasty surprise in store as he took a bite – and saw ants pouring out. He looked down to find an entire ant’s nest nestled inside the egg.

He said: “I was sitting in my van with a can of pop and I bit the top off the egg. I started to notice ants coming out of it and when I looked I saw it was full of them.

“I jumped out of the van and was almost sick. I turned totally white. It was full of eggs. The ants didn’t look normal either, they had red legs and they were massive.”

Lee immediately rang his fiancee Kelly Donkin, 33, to tell her of his disgusting experience.

Kelly, who works in a betting shop, said: “The shell showed no signs of breaks before he bit into it but there was at least 50 ants inside.

“We wrapped it up in a bag just to try and stop the ants escaping.”

Lee explained that he had always loved Creme Eggs and would often buy two at a time to have with his lunch.

He said: “I also like to put them into my mouth whole as that is what they say to do on the adverts.

“I rang Cadbury’s and they apologised and said they would send me an envelope to place the egg in to send back to them.

“But I’m definitely never going to buy them any more and if they offer me a box of eggs in compensation I would throw it back at them.”

A Cadbury’s spokesman said: “We only supply Creme Eggs between January and Easter.

“So anything that happens after that time is out of our control. Any that are around now must have been supplied months ago.

“It does sound extremely unpleasant though so we would urge the customer to send it back for us to deal with.”