Schoolgirl boxer gives Simon Cowell a right hook

Simon Cowell with Bobby Bowman and JJ Travis
Simon Cowell with Bobby Bowman and JJ Travis
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YOUNG boxer Bobbi Bowman proved more than a match for TV’s Mr Nasty when she gave Simon Cowell an upper cut he’ll never forget.

Bobbi, nine, was representing Houghton and District Youth Fitness and Boxing Club at a glittering VIP event where she came face to face with the music mogul.

Never one to shy away from a confrontation, Simon soon felt the full wrath of Bobbi’s right-hand hook. Along with fellow fighter JayJ Stavis, 12, the schoolgirl was invited to London to celebrate the club receiving £5,800 from the People’s Health Trust.

The cash boost will help ensure the survival of the group which trains scores of young fighters from across Sunderland every week.

Bobbi’s dad, Neil Bowman, 50, said: “Simon Cowell was fantastic with the kids, Bobbi loved him. She also met Chris Eubank and Rylan from The X Factor.

“Bobbi’s been going to the club for about 14 months and really enjoys it, she gives her training 110 per cent.”

JayJ has been training for the past four years.

The new funding has enabled the club to extend their programme of support for vulnerable children and those who might otherwise be left hanging around on street corners.

Diane Major, fund-raiser for the group, also accompanied the children down to London.

She said: “Not only did they travel by train and visit London for the very first time, they also had the opportunity to meet Simon Cowell and mingle with the stars. It was just brilliant. This money is a big help to us at a time when it’s difficult to secure funding.”

The club meets three times a week at Wheeler House in Newbottle Street, although it hopes one day to have its own premises.

John Hume, chief executive of People’s Health Trust, said: “Communities, charities, local groups and local people are experiencing some of the hardest times at the moment. It is at times like this, with massive public sector cuts, that people turn to their local community groups and charities.”