Schoolboy is special guest at Paralympics opening ceremony – because of special ‘2012’ birthday

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LITTLE Jack Scott is heading to London for the opening ceremony of the Paralympics thanks to being born on a very special day.

Because the seven-year-old was born on December 20, 2004 - or 20/12 of the year London bid to host the Olympics - he has been involved in events connected to the Games.

The youngster, who lives in Whitburn with dad Fred, mum Mandy and big sister, Hannah, 11, was also involved in the Newcastle Quayside Torch Ceremony when the famous flame made an overnight stop in the city on June 15.

Fred, a primary school teacher, said: “Jack is one of about 700 children in the country who was born on that day and it’s made him feel very special. I think he’s one of about seven in the North East.

“He was invited along to the torch ceremony on the Quayside and got up on stage and was introduced to the crowd - he loved it.

“He got to hold the torch and was given loads of things like a flag, a mug and he can’t get enough of it.

“He was given a T-shirt with the Olympics symbol on and he wants to wear it all of the time - he asks if he can every day.”

Now the Marsden Primary School pupil, and the other children born on the day, will be travelling to London to attend to the opening ceremony of the Paralympics on August 29.

He’ll have one of the best seats in the house, as well as being given the chance to go backstage and meet the athletes and double Olympic champion Lord Sebastian Coe - the man behind London’ssuccessful Olympic bid.

Fred added: “He’s so excited, it’s all he talks about.

“He’s enjoyed watching the Olympics and really likes the running and swimming, and doing the Usain Bolt pose.

“He can’t wait to go to the ceremony for the Paralympics and meet the athletes.

“I’m going down with his sister but he only got two tickets so we’ll have to watch what we can from outside the stadium.

“My wife cried her eyes out when Jack was on stage at the Quayside so I think we’re all going to get very emotional knowing that he’s part of the Paralympics.

“The kids are going to be involved in the ceremony in some way but we’re not sure exactly how yet.

“Either way we’re so happy that he’s been given this once in a lifetime opportunity just for being born on a particular day.”

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