Schoolboy Christopher meets Little Mix concert hero police officers

Carolyn and Christopher Smith with Gavin Purdon and Kevin Olver
Carolyn and Christopher Smith with Gavin Purdon and Kevin Olver
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Schoolboy Christopher Storey has come face-to-face with the hero police officers who put his mind at rest at the weekend’s Little Mix concert.

The Chester-le-Street youngster went to the gig at the Riverside cricket ground with mum Carolyn, but was scared after seeing TV coverage of the Ariana Grande concert bombing in Manchester.

Christopher presents his card to Gavin and Kevin

Christopher presents his card to Gavin and Kevin

Armed police officers Gavin Purdon and Kevin Olver put his mind at rest - but mum Carolyn didn’t get their names, so she launched an appeal on Facebook to find and thank them.

The search went viral - and now Carolyn, Christopher, big brother Matthew and dad Richard have been to Durham Constabulary's Aykley Heads headquarters to thank Gavin and Kevin personally.

The eight-year-old brought a hand-made card and presented the two officers with medals, while they gave him a mini police t-shirt.

Carolyn said it was possible the family would not even have made it into the show if not for the two officers putting Christopher's mind at rest: "We went from the point where we were talking about having to go home to the point where he went into the concert every bit as excited as an eight-year-old boy should be, all because of the two officers and what they said to him.

"It was very important to find them and say thank you - our police don't get the credit they deserve. I want my children to say ;'thank you' and have respect for the police."

Kevin said he and Gavin were delighted but taken aback by the attention Carolyn's appeal had received.

"I just told Christopher not to worry, that he shouldn't miss the concert because Little Mix had sounded so good in the sound check and that and myself and a lot of other officers were there to keep everybody safe.

"I am not on Facebook myself, but a lot of family and friends told me they had seen pictures. I am quite surprised at the amount of attention it has received."