Samurai sword son jailed

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A GRIEF-STRICKEN son who drove from London to Sunderland armed with two samurai swords to avenge his mother’s death has been jailed.

Taxi driver Alan Brown drove the length of the country with the sole intent of finding the man involved in a road smash that killed his mother 15 years ago, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

Police also found a ski mask, tape, gloves, a holdall and a catapult in the car.

The 47-year-old was arrested by police as he sat in a car park in Silksworth Lane, Sunderland, after having second thoughts about carrying out his chilling plan.

An inquest into Brown’s mother’s death was told that she had died in a road traffic accident, the court heard, but Brown continued to harbour anger towards a man he believed had been responsible for her death.

Brown, who is from Sunderland, but had been living in London, thought he had finally tracked down the man after spotting a van for the company he worked for.

Jacqueline Wilkinson, prosecuting, said: “His mother was killed in a road traffic accident. The driver involved in the accident is not known to this court.

“The defendant was parked in a car park at the time of his arrest.

“He told them that he had come over from London to see a male.”

Brown, 49, of no fixed abode, was arrested by police on June 27.

He appeared at Newcastle Crown Court after pleading guilty to possession of an offensive weapon.

Nick Lane, defending, told the court that Brown had relinquished his pursuit of the man when he realised he was not capable of murder.

He said: “He voluntarily gave up the two weapons. Despite having driven round the area, he gave himself up when police found him.

“He was aware the man involved in his mother’s death worked for a particular utilities company but this is all.

“He was driving around looking for this vehicle. Having found himself in the area he realised he wasn’t a murderer.

He said that his mother would have “turned in her grave” at what he had done.

Brown was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment.

Judge Michael Cartlidge told him: “This is rather sinister at the end of the day. You drove from London to the North East to seek out this person.

“It is all very odd and sinister. I think that you should never return to the North East.”

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