Ryan nominates “model mum” in our Mother’s Day competition

Ryan Surtees has nominated his mother Geraldine for the Echo's I Love Mum competition.
Ryan Surtees has nominated his mother Geraldine for the Echo's I Love Mum competition.
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SELFLESS, caring and a model citizen.

This is how Ryan Surtees described his mother when nominating her for the Echo’s I Love Mum competition.

The 24-year-old put forward his mum Geraldine Surtees after she devoted her life to looking after him as a single parent.

Ryan said: “My mum is the most selfless and caring woman I have ever met.

“For as long as I remember being brought up by my mum as a single parent, I have wanted for nothing.

“My mum has worked every hour she can to give me the best out of life.

“I am doing this to try and give her a little something back and show her I love and appreciate her as much as she does me.”

As well as devoting her life to her only child, two years ago Geraldine, 45, of Ryhope Road, Grangetown, became a foster carer.

Since then she has taken in four permanent placements as well as offering respite care to a series of youngsters.

“My mum has fostered many kids from poor backgrounds, giving them a better start in life,” Ryan said.

“So even now that I’m old enough to take care of myself, my mum is still giving, still putting herself last.

“She is a model citizen, who I aspire to be more like.

“If the world was full of people like my mum it would be a much better place.”

Geraldine, who has also worked with disadvantaged people and in hostels for displaced young girls, said the nomination has come as a surprise.

She said: “I’m really touched that Ryan has done this and the fact he thinks enough of me to do it.

“He tends to keep his cards close to his chest so I didn’t expect anything like this. I’m over the moon.

“Ryan is also very supportive of me and helps with the fostering. He will do baby-sitting and help in other ways.”

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