Runners burned enough energy on Great North Run to light Millennium Bridge for 29 hours, research shows.

The 43,000+ runners who took part in this year's Great North Run burned enough energy to light the Millennium Bridge for 29 hours, figures released today show.

Monday, 10th September 2018, 3:03 pm
Updated Monday, 10th September 2018, 3:07 pm
Great North Run. Picture by PA

This year’s Great North Run saw the biggest turnout in the event’s history, with more than 43,600 runners crossing the finish line.

And new data has revealed just how much energy this year’s athletes used during the race and its equivalent energy output.

New analysis, carried out by British Gas, found that this weekend’s group of runners burnt over 57 million calories, the energy equivalent of lighting up the Gateshead Millennium Bridge for 29 hours.

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In household energy terms, that’s enough to power an LCD TV for around 22 days, or charge more than 4,429 smart phones.

Mark Ryder, a British Gas Smart energy expert who installs smart meters in homes in the North East, said: “It was inspiring to see so many people take part in the Great North Run this year, many doing it in support of great causes, but have you ever thought about how much energy it takes?

"The figures are huge – the calories burned by all 43,600 runners are equivalent to 66KwH.

“Whilst we may not think about the energy we use when we run, it’s important that we do in our homes to keep usage down. Simple steps such as turning off your gadgets when they’re not in use can help keep your energy use in check.

He added: “Smart meters are a great way of monitoring your energy consumption. They come with a smart energy monitor that shows how much energy is being used in pounds and pence, in near real time, helping to put you in control of your energy use and spend.

“They also mean an end to estimated bills and manual meter readings as they automatically send readings to your supplier, so you don’t have to.”