RSPCA issues warning after 350 calls about pets trapped in hot cars in one weekend

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DOG owners are being warned not to leave pets in cars as temperatures soar.

Animal welfare charity the RSPCA said it has been inundated with hundreds of complaints from people who spotted animals suffering as temperatures rocket.

About 350 calls concerning animals trapped in hot cars came into the charity’s National Control Centre over the weekend.

North regional superintendent Martin Marsh said: “Leaving a dog in a hot car has the same kind of effect as putting it in a microwave. They are literally cooked alive, in what is a horrendous death.

“People just aren’t listening. Leaving a window open simply isn’t enough, and in-car temperatures rise quickly, even if it’s cloudy.

“What people need to realise is that the next animal to die in a hot car, conservatory or outbuilding could be their pet.”

Mr Marsh added that leaving a window open or a bowl of water for a pet is not enough to protect them from heatstroke.