Rock Runners: iPhone/iPad: Platform: 69p

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RUN for your life, and gather all the beautiful gems along the way.

That’s what Rock Runners challenges you to do, but immediately removes the worry of running as your lead character hurtles from left to right automatically.

You must focus on timing jumps and swings over one obstacle and on to the next platform, picking up all the goodies available along the way.

When Rock Runners is er ... running at full tilt, it’s a challenging, fantastically presented platformer, spanning four different worlds with multiple collection and time challenges to tackle on each level.

However, it does suffer at times from repetitive level design and over-simplicity, which may attack your attention span and stop you digging all the way to the end.

But give it a whirl; when the speed kicks in and you’re pushing yourself to perfect every jump, gather every last gem and smash your personal best times, you’ll realise that it’s still 69p well spent.