Road-rage driver jailed for 15 months

John Airey.
John Airey.
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A ROAD-RAGE driver has been jailed after ploughing into the back of another car as an argument spiralled out of control.

Hot-headed John Airey slammed on the accelerator and smashed into his victim’s Peugeot 206, sending the vehicle spinning across the road.

Now a judge has jailed the 32-year-old for his “extremely dangerous” driving.

Airey, whose own passengers were asking him to calm down, had blamed the driver of the Peugeot for a near collision between their two cars at a roundabout just minutes earlier.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that Airey had tailed the other car until it stopped at traffic lights where he got out of his vehicle and tried to confront the other driver.

Prosecutor Emma Dowling told the court: “While stationary at traffic lights, the defendant got out of his motor vehicle and came around to the other car, tapping on the window.

“The driver would not engage in any conversation or have contact with the defendant and decided what he really needed to do was just get out of the situation.

“The lights turned green and he immediately drove forwards.

“He became aware of Airey driving his vehicle behind, flashing his lights and driving all over the road.”

“He became aware of the defendant’s vehicle extremely close.

“The next thing the car was circling and spinning forwards, Mr Airey’s vehicle having collided with his from behind.

“The prosecution say this was, in essence, a road rage type incident.”

Airey, of Amble Tower, Sunderland, admitted dangerous driving, failing to provide a specimen and obstructing police in relation to his aggression towards the officers who arrested him.

Judge Penny Moreland jailed Airey for 15 months and banned him from the roads for two years.

The judge said: “You got into your car and because you didn’t like the way someone else on the road was driving, you drove in an extremely dangerous fashion.

“During the course of that there was a collision with that person’s car.

“You must have frightened the people in your car and the other car very much.”

Daniel Cordey, defending, said Airey had been doing well and found work after being released from a prison sentence for violence more than a year before the crash.

Mr Cordey added: “He denies he deliberately drove into the vehicle in front of him.

“He was driving far too close to the vehicle in front of him he was following when he should not have been.

“He put the brakes on and was so close he collided with it.”