REVIEW: Sim City: Cities of Tomorrow: PC: Simulation: £24.99

Sim City: Cities of Tomorrow
Sim City: Cities of Tomorrow
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Fast-forwarding into the future, the Sim City series takes a giant leap for modern infrastructure, offering you the chance to create a utopian society underpinned by clean technology.

Or, allow a giant corporation to plunder and pollute in the name of feeding your city’s insatiable consumerism.

Sim City: Cities of Tomorrow

Sim City: Cities of Tomorrow

It’s a brilliant, bold addition to the Sim City franchise, which also lets you not only expand outwards, but upwards, too, as you can build into the sky with enormous multi-zone MegaTowers.

From a strategic gaming perspective, all the bases have been covered: investment in education and research helps you discover new technologies that make your cities less polluted and less reliant on natural resources.

As the population increases, your Sims will try to live, work, and play closer together.

Whether they do so in harmony and prosperity, or as members of an exploited workforce will be up to you.

Brilliant fantasy locked tightly with economic reality make for an absorbing game experience, and one you won’t want to come back to the real world from.