REVIEW: Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen: PS3: RPG: £19.99

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The original Dragon’s Dogma was a brilliant rendition of the action-RPG genre, where exhilarating skill-based combat and free exploration of a glorious environment entertained fans of the genre for countless hours.

Dark Arisen builds beautifully on that backdrop (which is also included on this £20 disc), introducing Bitterblack Isle – a cursed territory teeming with incredible treasure and terrifying new foes, each requiring unique strategies to defeat.

Players can take their characters to new heights with new high-level skills and augments, as well as more than 100 additional weapons and armour sets, all of which will be manna to those obsessed with the minutiae of RPG customisation.

Combat feels fresh and fans of the original won’t need a second invitation to explore these wonderfully atmospheric new surroundings.

Glitches from the first game remain in places, which is a shame when there was a chance to iron all the irritations out ahead of release, but overall it’s an adventure all PS3 gamers should seriously consider embarking on.