REVIEW: Dead Island: Riptide, PS3, Action/Horror, £30.99

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Unlikely to be a place you’d pick for your summer holidays, Dead Island: Riptide’s visit to the island of Palanai on the Banoi archipelago will certainly do the trick when the UK weather wipes out any possibility of weekend sunbathing over the coming months.

Opting to take a trip to this isle, infested with bloodthirsty Zombies – and only a few remaining survivors still clinging to their lives – proves to be a chilling and action-packed horror adventure for PS3 gamers.

It follows up from the original release with a host of terrifying enemies, more deadly weapons to get to grips with, plus a new playable character. True, aside from that, it will feel very similar to the first title, but when co-operative gameplay is this much fun, that doesn’t matter too much.

You’ll want to clean up all the quests before completing the main game, because you can’t go back and hoover up afterwards, but this and the slightly glitchy graphics are relatively small niggles in what it is ultimately an over the top gore-fest that doesn’t need to rely on panache or subtle storytelling, when all you really want to do is work out more ingenious ways to dispose of the undead.