Revealed: The cost of following Sunderland AFC in the Premier League

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Sunderland AFC may not have given their supporters much to shout about so far this season – but off the pitch they are offering one of the cheapest matchdays in the Premier League.

The annual BBC Price of Football study has today been published.

Stadium of Light. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo.

Stadium of Light. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo.

It shows that the cheapest single ticket price at the Stadium of Light is £25 – a figure only three clubs can better.

The Black Cats also come up trumps when it comes to season tickets, with the most popular (costing £350) only cheaper at two rival grounds.

George Forster, chairman of Sunderland AFC Supporters’ Association, said: “Sunderland are reasonably priced, especially compared to many of the Premier League clubs.

“Football is a lot more expensive than it used to be, though, in part because of the salaries of the players now.

“The prices at Sunderland have gone up over the years, but that’s no different than anywhere else and they’ve always been pretty fair.”

Arsenal fans have to shell out among the most expensive prices, with the dearest season ticket there setting supporters back an eye-watering £2,013, and the most popular costing £1,014.

Sunderland also offer one of the cheapest cups of tea in the division (£2.30), with the same applying to pies (£3.10).

Up the road at Championship side Newcastle United, meanwhile, the cheapest season ticket is £428 – more expensive than the most popular ticket at the Stadium of Light, but they can offer a cheaper matchday (£32.80 to Sunderland’s £33.40).

SUNDERLAND AFC vs Rest of Premier League prices:

Pie: £3.10 (League average £3.49)

Tea: £2.30 (League average £2.07)

Programme: £3 (League average £3.35)

Junior shirt: £44.99 (League average £39.33)

Adult shirt: £49.99 (League average £49.72)

Lowest single ticket: £25 (League average £29.05)

Highest single ticket: £35 (League average £53.65)

Most popular ticket: £25 (League average N/A)

Popular ticket price range: £21-£30 (League average N/A)

Cheapest season ticket: £350 (League average £479.89)

Most expensive season ticket: £505 (League average £886.33)

Most popular season ticket: £350 (League average N/A)

Cheapest adult away: £29 (League average £28.28)

Most expensive adult away: £30 (League average £29.44)

Cheapest match day: £33.40 (League average £37.96)

Most expensive match day: £43.40 (League average £62.56)