A response to Martin Bain's completely unacceptable comments and why he must be first out the door

Shortly after our relegation was confirmed last Saturday, the football club released a statement expressing their disappointment.

Friday, 27th April 2018, 11:45 am

In summary: “Yeah, sorry about that. We’d like to tell you what’s happening next but we don’t know either.”

Then this week, a series of quotes over a number of days emerged from Martin Bain. Unsurprisingly, his answers once again raised more questions.

Martin Bain

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The usual tired excuses for failure were trotted out, followed by the inevitable ‘I’ve inherited a mess and I’m trying my best, but we have to learn from past mistakes’ type conclusion.

Unfortunately for us, all the solutions and ideas presented in the quotes were repetitions of the actions that have seen us fall to our lowest point in nearly 140 years.

There was talk about recruitment, Bain asking questions as to why our scouting team weren’t scouring Bundesliga 2 for talent. Firstly, how often has he seen games in that league? Secondly, if you really felt there was value in scouting that league then make it happen. You are the boss. On top of that, in the past we’ve made numerous attempts to sign random players from abroad. Maybe we could have signed the new Valentin Roberge?

Bain also stated we’re in the market for free transfers already. Excellent stuff. That worked out great for us recently, with powerhouses like Joleon Lescott and Mark Wilson. The list is longer.

Martin Bain

Then there was Vito Mannone. Oh how grateful we all are that you managed to get £2million for him so we had some transfer kitty last summer. It’s not like we’d sold Jordan Pickford for £30million a few weeks earlier, is it?

Most concerning were the comments regarding the takeover situation. Most notably the statement that if the takeover doesn’t come to fruition then they’ll have to go and beg Ellis Short for some help.

This is completely unacceptable. This is exactly what we did last summer when we had Simon Grayson on the backburner and no plan for squad strengthening going forward. This summer we’ve got the World Cup and the transfer window closes before the start of the season.

Bain should have been on the phone to Ellis Short at 7pm on Saturday night asking what plan B is. We’re then working with two scenarios when it comes to player recruitment.

In explaining how we’re not going to make the same mistakes all over again, Bain has just highlighted them all once more in our plans going forward.

The reason Bain wasn’t on the phone to Short on Saturday was because he doesn’t work for us. He might work for the football club in name, but ultimately he works for Ellis Short.

When Bain sat down with his hand picked group in a controlled environment to deliver these vacuous sound bites, he probably thought he was managing the situation. That’s what I see in the man who has already been involved in the destruction of one great football club. He’s now moved on to the next one.

Rather than deal with the pothole in the road, he wants to manage it to the point where people forget it even exists.

He might like to control things, but ultimately that has been his major failing.

Bain has had zero control when it comes to running our football club during the worst season in our history. Hopefully he’ll be first out the door if and when new ownership arrives.