'Respect our votes' - readers react to Sunderland MP's call for second Brexit vote

A Sunderland MP has been criticised by constituents for insisting there should be a "people's vote" on our country's Brexit deal.

Thursday, 10th May 2018, 1:48 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th May 2018, 3:56 pm
Bridget Phillipson is among a group of North East Labour backbenchers calling for a second Brexit vote.

Bridget Phillipson, who has represented Houghton and Sunderland South since 2010, joined a group of Labour backbench MPs in calling for the public to have a say on the final Brexit deal, due to how leaving the European Union will affect the North East.

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Mrs Phillipson was joined in writing for the Independent by Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson, Stockton South MP Paul Williams, Redcar MP Anna Turley and Newcastle North MP Catherine McKinnell.

They said that the North East region risks losing its status as an "export powerhouse" if Britain leaves the customs union and the single market - and that it has more at stake than any other part of the UK.

The MPs also added that people voted to leave "without knowing in reality what the final Brexit deal would look like".

In comments on social media, Sunderland Echo readers have both supported the MP, for standing against the "shambles", and criticised her for not listening to the electorate's views.

Bridget Phillipson is MP for Houghton and Sunderland South.

Here is how you reacted on social media:

Diane Eastick: "Fuming! She is my MP but she is not representing the will of her constituents here at all!

"I voted remain by the way, though I do respect that the majority voted to leave! Once again she goes against her party and gives the Tories ammunition."

Dave Purvis: "It's nonsense like this that will only hamper the negotiation process further, this is not about putting the decision to the people, this is about derailing the process all together."

Paul 'Splodge' Robinson: "The people voted leave. Just accept the decision. I voted Labour for you and leave in Brexit, please just respect our votes."

Paul Taylor: "Why can't some people do a little research and find out the devastating affect that leaving the EU will have on our region.

"We benefit massively, for every pound we put in the North East gets nine pounds back. The people should have the final say on what sort of deal we get and not politicians voting how their party tells them to."

Steven Hardy: "Maybe if they put as much effort in to Brexit (the outcome of the referendum) as they are to try and stop it, we'd be further on in the process of leaving."

Andrew Crago: "She's not voting against Brexit, she's giving the people the final say on the deal when we will have a more clear idea of what Brexit actually means for us.

"Still think people in Sunderland voting Brexit is like turkeys voting for Christmas, can't get me head around it."

Sylvia Weetman: "What is the point of the people's vote if the government don't take any notice. The people voted to leave the people have spoken."

David Owen: "If the second referendum is about which type of Brexit we want I don't mind her calling for it, i.e. do we accept the negotiated agreement with the EU or do we just leave with no agreement.

"Another in/out referendum is undemocratic and will likely only result in dividing the country further. But Sunderland people will never vote her out at the next election no matter how badly she represents them."

Bill Cowell: "If Miss Phillipson is calling for a referendum on the Brexit deal then she should be turned out as she is going against those who voted for her.

"How many times do we have to tell those who represent us that we are leaving. Get rid of her."

Lee Diston: "This is the right call especially as we don't want a hard Brexit or threaten the Good Friday Agreement with a hard border between Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland.

"A lot of us Brits living in ROI are uncertain what the future holds, we can't go back to the 1970s."

Beryl Harris: "I voted leave,and until the labour party and people like her accept the democratic outcome Labour wont be getting my vote."

Jim Wightman: "The majority voted leave - so get on with leaving."

Steve King: "Good to see a Labour MP with the sense to see through this shambles."

Kieran Kirby: "I fail to see what we'll gain from leaving but the people voted for it so it has to happen."

Anne Trembath: "People voted to leave, and leave is what we will do. Respect our votes."