Repair programme launched to fix steps and pathways at Penshaw Monument

A repair programme has been launched to fix the 110 steps and pathway leading to Penshaw Monument.

The National Trust, which looks after the monument, has contracted W.L. Straughan and Son Ltd to begin repairing the steps and surrounding pathways leading up to the attraction.

Repairs are underway to the steps at Penshaw Monument.

Repairs are underway to the steps at Penshaw Monument.

Helen McDonald, head ranger at Penshaw Monument, said: “Since caring for the monument, there have been thousands of visitors who have come along for tours to the top of it, walks and even the Easter egg hunt.

“Unfortunately, the increased footfall has damaged the steps leading up to the monument and caused people to walk on the surrounding edges of the footpath.

“As a conservation charity, we would like all visitors to be able to visit our special places and this repair work will help to improve access to this historic monument.”

Each step will cost about £100 to replace, like for like, a job the National Trust can only undertake with the help of its members, donors and supporters.

The building team will also repair lengths of the footpath that join the steps as well as remove the old materials.

A grand monument, built in 1844 in memory of John George Lambton, the first Earl of Durham, Penshaw Monument stands 66ft high, is 98ft long and 52ft wide.

The repair work has started and will continue for roughly 10 days, there may be some diversions in place during this time, however, access to the monument is still possible.

If you are interested in volunteering with the National Trust at Penshaw Monument, visit:

* Thanks to Brian Priest for the aerial footage.