Region is the most generous

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THE region remains the most generous when it comes to giving to overseas charities.

Research by Farm Africa reveals that 59 per cent of people living in the North East are giving, have given or would consider giving to charities that do work abroad.

At a time when recession-hit Britain might have been expected to turn its back on helping others far away, more than half the people of the North East are still opening their wallets and purses for the developing world.

“The North East shines out as extremely generous and outward-looking, but that’s not really news to Farm Africa,” Nigel Harris, Farm Africa boss, said.

“We’ve always had great support from an area where many families have proud farming histories. In the North East people experience farming and fishing in very harsh conditions.

“People in this area have a real grasp of our work with livestock, crops, forestry and fish farming.

“People want to make a lasting difference. They want to see their charity gift changing lives for the better and making solid investment in the future.”

Most of those surveyed by the charity said they would be most inspired to support the kind of work that aimed to end handouts by helping farmers produce food for families.

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