Readers react after cat killed by pet dog in South Shields garden

A tragic incident which saw a cat being killed by a dog in South Tyneside has sparked a debate among readers.

Wednesday, 24th August 2016, 4:03 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 6:41 pm
Michelle Clark with dog Floyd.

Michelle Clark spoke out after her dog Lloyd bit 10-year-old Mollie Tyrrell’s cat Maggie after she strolled into her garden last week.

The feline ran off, but sadly died. Northumbira Police have said no crimes have been committed.

Miss Clark was left distraught after the ordeal - but said there was little she could do after Maggie had entered her back garden in Raeburn Road, Whiteleas, South Shields, and her dog Lloyd isn’t dangerous.

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Readers have been having their say on the issue on the Gazette’s website and Facebook page - most believe it was a freak accident.

Nigel Martin wrote: “It’s a very unfortunate that it happened but if the dog was in its own garden and the cat went in then it’s not the dog’s or the owner’s fault really it’s just one of those things it happens, no-one is to blame.”

Tara J T Hallam added: “Sorry for the little girl but unfortunately it’s nature like cats go after birds and mice. My dog is frightened of cats (and other dogs) but there has been plenty birds killed in my garden off cats.”

Angela Court typed: “This is just unfortunate!

“I’m a cat and dog owner. My dogs will not allow other cats or dogs in my garden. I allow my cat freedom I just hope she will stay out of other dogs’ gardens!”

Kerry Payne sent: “It’s what dogs do no-one ever taught mine to bark every time he looks out the window and sees a cat. It’s just in his nature.”

Lisa-marie Bell added: “ Yes it’s unfortunate but she could of went looking to see how the cat was knowing her dogs had caught it.”