Readers have their say on Seaham caravan park plan

Travellers clean-up before moving on from the site in Seaham.
Travellers clean-up before moving on from the site in Seaham.
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Echo readers have had their say on proposals which could resurface to turn the cliff top road into a permanent caravan site.

John Noble, in partnership with farm owner Colin Snowdon, has drafted up two applications so far for the plot, but failed to gain the support of planners.

Now they may consider a re-submission, buoyed by the number of people who travelled to a four-day event held this week by the Light and Life Mission, an evangelical church for gypsies and travellers.

Posts on our Facebook page have included:

Dean Caris: “It’s not a traveller site it’s a holiday site Mr Noble wants to build, so people can come and enjoy the Seaham area and spend their money within the local businesses.”

Diane Pearce: “The negative response has been overwhelming. All travellers are being tarred with the same brush, whereas it’s the minority who are up to no good.”

Kate Yates: “There are going to be people from all walks of life coming to Seaham if a caravan park is agreed not just travellers. Seaham folk will never cope with it.”

Others had their say on the events of the past week.

Selinda Kahlon, who runs The Bank in North Terrace, said: “The event has caused substantial unrest in the town.

“Whilst some businesses may have gained, many closed their doors and lost trade over the week.
“The bad press (caused by the unexpected nature of the event) has prevented locals and tourist from shopping in the area all week.

“The logistics of the visitors moving on is causing road closures at the inconvenience of the local community. ”