Readers' backing for Tesco plans to fine those who wrongly park in disabled and parent and child bays

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Tesco's decision to introduce fines for people who wrongly park in disabled or parent and child bays at its stores has been made with a largely positive response.

The supermarket giant is to use a mobile app to allow staff to report the misuse of parking spaces.

Anyone who is reported for incorrectly using the spaces will receive a fine of £40, if it is paid within 14 days. If not, the amount could rise to £70.

Tesco to fine those who wrongly park in disabled and parent and child bays
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JonPaul Miller posted: "About time. Oap/disabled are the worst offenders for parking in parent/child bays. I've even seen them put a baby seat in the car & they don't have a child with them in Durham Tesco."

Michael Lumsdon added: "The parent and child issue could simply be fixed by placing them further away from the shop.

"There'd be no point using them without a child and the people with kids can have the larger parking spaces that they say they need and walk a few feet further to the shop."

Davina Hirst said: "My son's in a wheelchair and I'm absolutely grateful I can walk in the store from a distance when I don't have him. After all it's only a few steps more. Well done Tesco!"

Gemily Spittle posted: "This is my pet hate at the moment.

"Parent and child spaces are limited as it is at shops or supermarkets and it gets me really angry when people use who do not need have a child in their car.

"I think there should be a fine put into place. It would be different it abled people started to park in disabled parking."

Kate Gordon added: "Good! Disgusting when people park there when they aren't entitled to. Pure laziness."

Phil Crumbie said: "Fair enough but they're non enforceable fines so pointless, they would be better off putting big stickers on their windows."

Stuart Elliott posted: "Jog on, won't make a difference (who's going to police this??"

John Dobbing added: "Absolutely! The number of times I've seen people parking in parent and toddler and disabled bays, it's disgraceful!

"Would you like the disability of the person who should be parking in disabled bays?

"Have you as a parent ever tried getting a baby in their car seat out of the car, in a normal parking bay? There just isn't the room.

"Well done Tesco. About time someone did something about this. Good luck, I hope it works."

Lisa Thomson Was Ronald said: "Drives me mad ... Lazy people who can't be bothered to walk an extra 20 yards...

"The child bays have extra room to grapple with baby seats and keep toddlers close .. It's for a reason ... And my kids are big now never park in them ..."

Craig Walton posted: "Parent and child bays not bone idle bays!!"

Caroline Cook added: "About time it drives me mad , some people have no shame and just laugh."