Radical priest says Poyet will bring ‘Uruguayan passion and hard work’ to Sunderland

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A RADICAL priest with Uruguayan connections has said Gus Poyet’s Uruguayan qualities could do wonders at Sunderland.

Reverend Chris Howson, the Sunderland Minster priest renowned for his controversial campaigning stunts, was ordained by the Bishop of Uruguay and is married to a Uruguayan woman.

Rev Howson, who serves as Sunderland University chaplain as well as being part of the Minster team, said: “I’ve had many visits to Uruguay, and the people there are passionate and hardworking folk.

“I’m sure Poyet will bring these qualities with him along with his experience at Leeds and Brighton. Uruguayans have a passion for football that is akin to the energy and commitment that Sunderland supporters have, and the new Head Coach and local folk will be well matched.

“We hope and pray that he will be able to turn our recent problems around, but now the whole city needs to get behind him and the team. The Minster welcomes him to the city, and we pray for him and the team as they settle in together over the coming weeks”

Rev Howson has brought his own fair share of passion and hard work to Sunderland since joining the Minster team.

His work has so far included a Lenten protest against tax-avoiding companies, staging a die-in in protest at troubles in Syria, setting up a yurt in the Minster and performing a “symbolic exorcism” at an arms fair in London.