Racehorse trainer’s offer to take lie detector

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A RACEHORSE trainer accused of breaching rules has said he will take a lie detector test to prove his innocence.

 Howard Johnson, who trains in County Durham, has been charged with allowing one horse to race after undergoing a banned “de-nerving” operation.

 He also faces three charges of giving performance-enhancing drugs to three other horses.

 The British Horse Racing Authority has brought the charges and said he accepted the operation was carried out, but denied knowing the procedure was not allowed.

 Mr Johnson has said he is prepared to take a lie detector test to show he is innocent.

 He said: “I will even go on Jeremy Kyle and do a lie detector test.

 “I am a trainer and a farmer, not a legal man, so I will get top men to fight my corner and I refute all the allegations.”

 Striking Article is said to have undergone the operation, which stops the animal feeling pain, which could put both the horse and its jockey at risk.

 A hearing is scheduled for February 10, but could be delayed.