Rabbids Land: Wii U: Action: £31.99

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THOSE raving mad Rabbids have got a lot on their plate: princess castle, the pirate boat, haunted house, tunnel of love, roller coaster ... so why don’t you get involved too, in this mad mini-game action that marks the start of a new chapter for the bonkers bunnies?

If you played the Rabbids’s first outing on the original Wii, you’ll know what to expect.

A host of crazy gaming bursts, this time centred around an amusement park that has enraged the Rabbids after they got thrown off the rides for not being tall enough.

Whatever game you’re playing, it’s pretty likely you’ll be using gyroscopic controls, touchscreen or motion-sensing tech to help you achieve your goal, so it’s a great exponent of the new system’s gadgetry.

It’s good fun to play, and a worthy addition to the burgeoning bunny collection from Ubisoft, especially with the upgraded HD graphics.

Just don’t expect anything truly revolutionary from those raucous Rabbids.