QUIZ: Can you pass the Mackem Dictionary Test?

How good is your Mackem?
How good is your Mackem?
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Mackem words and phrases have never sounded so beautiful, as a book boasting them raises thousands for a charity.

So while we celebrate the success of The Mackem Dictionary, by Paul Swinney, we want to put your own knowledge of all things Sunderland to the test.

But how well do you really known your Mackem words and phrases?
This week it was revealed that the book, which topped the Waterstone's chart when it was released, raised more than £8,000 for Sunderland AFC's charity, the Foundation of Light.

So in honour of the achievement, we're celebrating our wonderful words and phrases with a quiz! Do you know your acker from your hacky, and do you know who exactly your pet is?

Click here to take our test - and see if your Mackem really measures up!
For more information about the Mackem Dictionary, click here.