QUINN QUITS AS SUNDERLAND CHAIRMAN: ‘Niall is a god in my eyes’

Gary 'SAFC' Lamb
Gary 'SAFC' Lamb
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BLACK Cats fans have been giving their reaction to the news of Niall Quinn stepping down as Sunderland chairman.

Editor of Sunderland fanzine A Love Supreme Martyn McFadden said he is unsure at this stage how much Quinn’s decision to step down will impact upon the club.

A Love Supreme editor Martyn McFadden

A Love Supreme editor Martyn McFadden

“I think we will have to wait and see what will happen,” said Martyn.

“This is maybe a readdressing of the power balance at the club.

“To be fair to Niall, he said being chairman wouldn’t be forever and maybe his life has been a bit intense.”

Martyn also paid tribute to what Quinn had achieved in his time at the helm.

He said: “He has brought the club back to where everyone wants us to be.

“I don’t think there would be any Sunderland fans who wouldn’t want to thank him for what he has done.

“I would still prefer him to be chairman because I always liked us having someone who understood the game, but he is still involved at the club and it will be interesting to see how it works.”

Martyn added: “I’m not completely surprised that Ellis Short has taken over as chairman, because we’ve seen him more and more at the matches and he obviously wants to call the shots.”

Sunderland fanatic Gary Lamb, 52, described Quinn as “a god” and added that he was sad to see him step down.

Quinn famously endeared himself even more to Black Cats fans when he wrote in his autobiography: “I learned my trade at Arsenal, became a footballer at Manchester City, but Sunderland got under my skin. I love Sunderland.”

Gary said: “Niall has done fantastically well to bring Ellis Short to the club and maybe now because it’s his money being spent he wants to take a closer look at things.

“But Niall is a god in my eyes and I’m just glad he is not leaving the club.

“Niall is idolised by people like me, but I’m fully behind Ellis Short because we have a man in this position who is willing to put serious money into our club.”

George Thompson, 58, a life-long fan from Roker, said: “He’ll be a massive miss to everyone. He wasn’t afraid of saying things as they were, and that is a unique thing in football these days. But he also believed in Sunderland, when many people didn’t - and I hope he continues to.”

Davey Mason, 45, of Silksworth, a regular at home and away matches, added: “I don’t really know what this new role will be. It sounds like he’s maybe had enough of the pressures of being chairman and wants a bit more of a quiet life, which is fair enough.”