Pup’s a hero in fire drama

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A PUPPY helped save his owners’ lives when he alerted them to smoke billowing into their home.

Michael and Alice Haram were woken by the sound of three-month-old Duke’s barking, when a shed fire spread into their Town End Farm home in the early hours.

The shed, which was in the alleyway of the neighbouring property in Bradford Avenue, was well ablaze by the time firefighters arrived.

There was even more danger as it had also fractured a gas pipe leading into Michael and Alice’s house.

“We were fast asleep in bed and then we heard Duke barking and the smoke alarm going off,” said Michael, 54.

“It just all broke out after that.

“The neighbours were knocking on the door to make sure we were out, and then there were fire engines and police cars everywhere.

“If it hadn’t been for the dog and the neighbours we might not be here now.”

Alice said she is still very shaken up by the events of the night, but just counting herself lucky to be alive.

The 53-year-old added: “It could have been so much worse, anything could have happened, especially with the gas pipe.”

Crew manager Steve Carr, of Washington fire station, said they were called to the scene at 3.45am on Monday where the shed, between two houses, was well alight and the flames had spread through a vent into the kitchen of one of the properties.

He said: “There was a really strong smell of gas and we had to get the gas company out to make it safe.

“The couple were really lucky, it could have been a lot worse.”

Michael and Alice’s house suffered a small amount of smoke damage, and fire officers and police are investigating the cause of the blaze.