Pup in rescue drama

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A FIVE-WEEK-OLD puppy sparked a three-hour rescue mission after becoming trapped down a drain.

 The terrier-shih tzu cross disappeared down the soil drain of a house in Brackendale Court, Station Town, at about 10am on Tuesday.

 Firefighters from Peterlee joined staff from Northumbrian Water in the rescue effort. They used the pet owner’s saw to cut away a one-metre square of concrete to reach the dog.

 The team had feared the worst as the dog’s whimpers died down after about two hours and cameras belonging to the water company failed to find the pup, but the animal was located and recovered by about 1pm.

 It was given oxygen by the firefighters and put under a heat lamp by its owners.

 Crew manager John Livingston said: “It took a long time and a lot of effort, but we achieved our objective in the end. The owners were quite pleased and it was quite a little thing because it was five weeks old.”