Pundit gives his view on controversial red and explains why Sunderland midfielder was unfortunate

Stephen Warnock says referee Craig Hicks had a poor view of the incident that saw Max Power sent off at Walsall.

Sunday, 25th November 2018, 10:53 am
Updated Sunday, 25th November 2018, 11:00 am
Stephen Warnock says Max Power was unlucky to see red

The pundit told the EFL on Quest highlights show that the 25-year-old was unlucky to see red.

"I'm not so sure he should [have been sent off]," he said.

"I think the referee has got a bad view of it.

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"Dean Keates has come out and said he doesn't think it's a red card.

"Things have just gone bad from bad to worse for Max Power," he added.

"He stands to have a five game ban which is not great for a tackle like that."

Sunderland are planning to appeal the red, with Jack Ross absolutely adamant that it was the wrong decision.

"It is not a sending off," said Ross.

"This season I try and be fairly measured with all my comments, even with officials, at times we have had some decisions go against us.

"If you take Max in isolation, I think your gut tells you at the time - having been experienced in playing and coaching - and against Oxford I could see why it was given, Bradford is an easier one. Today, my gut reaction at the time is that it isn't even a yellow card.

"I have had the benefit of watching it back, it isn't even a yellow card," he added.

"If it isn't overturned, I would be amazed.

""It is a huge decision to make at that time of the game and it is not a red card, you can't put up an argument for it being a red card.

"It is hugely frustrating, we were very good in that opening period of the game, I don't want to be disrespectful and say we would have definitely won the game but in the opening period we were very good and it had an impact on the rest of the game, as we know."