Pub-goers’ farewell to Asbo dog Bobby

Bobby and owner Victor Hanson
Bobby and owner Victor Hanson
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AN Asbo dog who became a regular in a Wearside pub has died.

Bobby the Alsatian was taken in by pub landlord Victor Hanson after he discovered the pup would otherwise be put down.

It didn’t take long for him to become popular, with pub punters flocking from far and wide to meet the gentle giant.

But despite becoming a firm favourite with regulars at the Sportsman Arms, Bobby showed a distaste for people in authority – particularly police officers.

His mild-mannered nature also disappeared when he saw a postman, leading to him earning himself an Asbo during his time at the Silksworth pub.

Mr Hanson had to stop getting letters delivered and had to collect them instead.

In 2007, Mr Hanson, 69, and Bobby moved to the Jolly Sailor in Whitburn, where Bobby once again became a regular fixture, with many Sunderland customers staying in touch.

He would often be seen sitting outside the pub in East Street or lying in the middle of the nearby traffic island.

Last week, devastated punters gathered at the pub to say a final goodbye to Bobby.

The 16-year-old was put to sleep, cradled by his owner and surrounded by heartbroken bar staff and customers.

Still devastated by his pet’s death, Mr Hanson said: “They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but Bobby was everyone’s friend.

“He even had his own Facebook page.

“He was such a lovely-natured dog, which is why everyone loved him.

“We asked the vet to come to the pub to put him to sleep and a lot of the regulars came along to say goodbye.

“It was a very emotional event.

“He will be a big miss, not just to me but to everyone.

“Businesses around the pub always used to treat Bobby.

“He had a bit of a daily routine.

“He would go into Whitburn cafe and wait in the queue to be served with his pastie before going to the paper shop for his Milky Way.

“He would also call into Wilson’s of Whitburn for his treat.

“When he was knocked down last year, we were inundated with get well cards and gifts.”

Since his death from old age, scores of messages have been posted on a Facebook page set up for him.

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