Pub boss slams CCTV court case

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A PUB boss has hit out after being cleared of an offence under the Licensing Act.

Police claimed Tony Griffiths, managing director of Wylam Leisure, failed to hand over CCTV footage to Northumbria Police after an incident at city centre bar The Glass Spider.

He was cautioned at Gill Bridge police station in Sunderland, before pleading not guilty before city magistrates in March, when the case was then transferred to Middlesbrough. But the case against him was dropped at Teesside Magistrates’ Court over a lack of evidence.

Mr Griffiths, 39, has now criticised his arrest, saying his business made every effort to comply, but officers arrived after the 14-day period that the company’s CCTV system stores data.

The disgruntled pub owner says he has been left more than £10,000 out of pocket by the three-month court case.

“The police said they would come and collect the CCTV evidence on two separate occasions, and when they didn’t turn up, we contacted them to inform them that they only had two days left or the footage would be automatically erased.

“I’m really surprised and disappointed, as we work very closely with the police and have been commended on many occasions for assistance.

“It’s a total waste of taxpayers’ money.

“I really don’t think this is the right way to keep relations on a good foot between businesses and the police.”

Mr Griffiths added that Northumbria Police have requested CCTV footage from Wylam Leisure on 66 occasions and have been provided with it every time, apart from the incident which led to the failed court case.

The Crown Prosecution Service confirmed there would be no prosecution against Mr Griffiths.