Psychic says missing Dawdon kayaker is trapped under Seaham pier

The mother of missing kayaker Shane Smith is appealing for divers to help search for her son after a psychic told her he is trapped under a pier.

Pearl Smith wants professional scuba divers to come forward to help find the 30-year-old who went missing off the coast of Seaham six weeks ago.

Mrs Smith says medium Trevor Weller, of Trimdon Station, could hold the key to finding her son.

She contacted him through Facebook and the pair met at Seaham beach.

Mr Weller believes Shane is trapped beneath Seaham's North Pier. He said: "When Pearl sent me a photo of Shane I tuned into it, and my spiritual guide showed me all this information about Shane and what he was like."

Mr Weller said he then drew a picture from his subconscious mind, which showed an area similar to the pier.

He added: "When I met Pearl there I had a replay in my mind of someone shouting at divers telling them they were looking in the wrong place.

"And when I stepped on to a certain area on the pier I got tingles in my legs and couldn't move. It was like I was trapped in seaweed or had old fishing line tangled round my legs.

"I believe Shane is trapped down there."

Mrs Smith, 53, of Wynyard Street, Dawdon, said: "I'm very open minded, and when I met Trevor, he told me things about Shane that only close friends and family knew about. When Trevor said that Shane was stuck under the rocks I just went cold.

"Miracles can happen, and I'm hoping Shane's alive.

"If it's just his body then I can lay him to rest and set his spirit and soul free.

"But I need the help of a team of divers to try to find him for me."

Shane vanished after his kayak capsized about 400 yards off the North Sea beach.

Last week, police carried out another search of the area after a pair of trousers, believed to belong to Shane, were found.

Anyone who would like to help in the search for Shane can call Mrs Smith on: 07752 483779.