PROM GUIDE: Look sharp in a well fitting suit

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Suits are a staple piece for a man’s wardrobe and a good one can go a long way.

When shopping for this classic piece there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration; the cut, the fit and the colour.


Suits come in three major cuts and say a lot about your style.

The English is a tapered jacket with two vents on the back. This goes back to horse riding and it being easier to position whilst on the horses back. Today it’s a staple part of a man’s wardrobe. This cut is very hard to pull off and needs to be tailored to fit properly. However, it does make you appear taller.

The Italian cut is more for the squarer frame. Padding in the shoulders brings more attention to the top half of your frame creating an inverted triangle. This creates the illusion of power and knowledge about fashion. You will however have trouble moving with the lack of vents.

Lastly, the American cut, the most comfortable of the trio. This cut has less tailoring involved therefore is roomier and less likely to ride up. It is often seen as the most casual of the three.


Colour can make a big impression on people so you need to get it right. Grey, black and blue suits are the classic ones that make for a safe choice while still looking impeccable.

If you want to bring colour to your prom, do it subtly. Bright suits can be very hard to pull off so use a nice muted down shade if you’re desperate for colour.

Plum tones and emerald greens are easy to wear and aren’t too overwhelming.

If you’re not one to go this daring, easily use your accessories to incorporate colour.

“Lighter colours are more popular with younger people,” said Wendy Fencwick, Menswear Sales Co-ordinator at Next. “Greys with a bit of shimmer are the best sellers along with teal and plum.”


Finding a suit that fits perfectly is fundamental. The difference between an okay suit and an amazing suit is how well it sits on your body.

The shoulders of your jacket should sit flat. Any sagging or bunching and it is ill-fitted. Around your waist it should sit comfortably and not be too tight or too baggy.

Trousers are the part that so many people get wrong. You should not struggle to button them up and you shouldn’t have more than two fingers of room left.

Sagging on the bum is never a good thing but neither is giving yourself a wedgie.

Your trousers should sit just right.

“People are ordering a lot of skinny fit suits as well.” Wendy said.

Cropped trousers are in but make sure they’re meant to graze your ankles before buying them. And make sure they don’t bunch at the back creating the ‘not grown into them’ look. A good trouser will be straight at the back and sit nicely on the front of your shoes.

And don’t forget, never do the bottom button. Strictly keep it to the top one(s).