PROM GUIDE: How to arrive in style

Horses. Picture by Jane Coltman
Horses. Picture by Jane Coltman
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I don’t know about you, but after your prom dress has been chosen, I’m pretty certain the second most important thing about prom evening is how you are going to arrive!

Arriving to your prom in style has become a huge deal, gone are the days of hopping into a limousine with eight of your best girlfriends – now we’re talking vintage cars, double-decker buses or supercars! Looking good in your transport has almost become more of a competition than who looks the best in their frock, with an audience waiting outside the venue with a camera to snap up a picture of you and your transport.

Arriving in style

Arriving in style

We’ve put together a list of the most stylish ways you can get to your school prom this summer:

If you’re looking for something a little different and quirky head to for retro vehicles that can seat from 5-7 people.

There is ‘Norris’ the baby blue and cream 1973 VW Campervan, with cream leather interior that seats seven. The company also has a white London taxi that boasts patriotic red and white interior, and can seat up to five people. These vehicles are cool, quirky and sure to make you turn heads as you may your way to your prom.

In case you’re not looking for something quirky, and glam is what you want to achieve, have a range of luxury vehicles that ensure you and your friends will be the centre of attention when you arrive at the venue. ‘NEET’ for short, offer five star treatment alongside chauffeur driven cars that include an S Class LWB Mercedez, and a Mercedez mini-bus which seats up to eight of you and your friends.

How on earth are all of my friends going to fit into ONE vehicle? You may have asked yourself this question, wondering how you and your 20 plus friends are going to arrive to the prom at the same time in the same vehicle (that isn’t the school coach). Wensleydale Omnibus is a company based in North Yorkshire with red double-decker buses for hire, which travel all around the North East for prom hire. The ‘London Routemaster’ double-decker seats 72 people comfortably, and therefore is a perfect, stylish and fun way to fit you and all your friends into the one vehicle!

The evening of your school prom is guaranteed to be a great night filled with dancing, so what a better way to get warmed up for the evening than a party bus blaring your favourite music, surrounded by your favourite friends. offer a pink or silver bus for hire with LCD screens, illuminated dance floors, iPad controlled music and even karaoke for a pre-prom singsong! The buses seat up to 16 people.

If a princess fairytale prom is what you have in mind, then look no further than a horse and carriage to make your evening that extra bit special. Whether it is with your date or a group of friends, offer a unique way to arrive at your prom, which is guaranteed to enhance your evening.

If being a little bit different just isn’t for you, there is no harm at all in settling for a glamorous limousine. Nowadays, they come in that many colours and shapes you have plenty of choice! have chauffeur driven limos to cater for you and your friends. If you want to head to your prom with a date, they also offer a Chrysler 300 for hire which is modern and stylish! Both of these are sure to turn heads when you arrive.