PROM GUIDE: 10 steps to the perfect selfie

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You’re with a group of friends and you want to capture the moment to remember the memories but your group shot selfies are often blurry and with half your arm in. Sound familiar?

With more than a million selfies taken every day, these tips will help you snap the perfect pics from your prom night.

1. Lighting:

Always keep the lighting in front of you, the light will brighten and soften your features, and will reduce the risk of casting harsh shadows across your face. Don’t use your flash if you can help it. It’ll create a forehead glare, distort your appearance and possibly give your selfie the horrible redeye effect.

2. Keep it close:

When using a smart phone, the closer you are to the lens the better. Keep phones for close up pictures of yourself or yourself and a friend. More than three people in the picture and you will struggle to fit everyone in the frame and the quality will decrease.

3. Capturing the dress:

For full length photographs, use a wide angle lens, step further back and then zoom in; it will enhance the quality and will pick up any detailing. Standing too close will cause the image to be distorted. Make sure that there is not clutter in the background of the photo as well, the best background would be nature, like flowers or a tree. You don’t want cars blurring in the background behind you.

4. Group shots:

To capture the ultimate group shot, a selfie stick is a must. Prices start at £9.99 on Amazon and they are a great way to snap fun photos that include everyone.

5. My good side:

Getting the angle right is a must so experiment beforehand to see what angle suits you best. If you turn your head a few degrees to the right or left, your features will appear less flat. Holding the camera slightly higher than your head so that it’s pointing down on you will make your eyes look bigger. If you know your “good side” and take the photo from that side of your face, it’s the side of your face that looks the most balanced and symmetrical.

6. Showing off:

If you decide to take a selfie to show off a new haircut or a new pair of earrings, make sure that you frame the photo in a way that highlights the new feature that has you so excited.

7. Smile:

You can’t go wrong with smiling! Even if you’re on the serious side, a cool, collected expression, you can play around with different smiles. A closed-mouth smile can be just as appropriate and just as flattering as a wide, laughing grin. Avoid ‘duck face’, a smile is one of the most beautiful expressions you can wear.

8. The Shoes:

If you decide to take a selfie of your feet after you slip on a great new pair of shoes, angle the camera straight down from your hips and pint one of your feet outward to show off any detail to the shoes.

9. Keep an eye out for photo-bombers:

They are probably responsible for the worst selfies, take a quick look around to make sure that no one and nothing is lurking in the shadows, waiting to ruin your moment. If it happens, don’t get mad, just laugh it off, you can always take another picture.

10. Experiment with filters:

Even if the lighting is off, don’t rule out the pictures, see what it looks like with filters, you may fall in love with how it makes the photograph look.