Progress on plan for dedicated day for Northumberland

Plans for Northumberland to have its own dedicated day have gathered pace, following an inaugural meeting at Langley Castle at which its vision for the concept was unveiled.

Tuesday, 26th April 2016, 11:48 am
Updated Tuesday, 26th April 2016, 12:58 pm

The castle, which has been part of Northumberland’s landscape for more than six centuries, first called for a Northumberland Day in summer 2015 and received a very positive response from the general public and key stakeholders.

Earlier this month, invitees from both the public and private sectors, and with focuses as diverse as sport and the arts, heard about the civic, community, economic and tourism benefits that a Northumberland Day, set within a week-long celebration of Northumbrian life, could bring to the county.

Those who attended were encouraged to help form a steering group, consisting of themselves and any other partners with a contribution to make.

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The intention is that this collective will then take the vision forward and make it a reality, shaping key decisions as a group, in consultation with the wider community and bringing together many different events and activities under one vibrant umbrella.

At the same time, Langley Castle is exploring routes through which key funding could be obtained.

Anyone wishing to play their part, either as a steering group participant or a corporate sponsor, should contact Jane Hunt at [email protected] to find out more.

Anton Phillips, general manager at Langley Castle, said: “Our inaugural meeting highlighted an immense amount of support for the idea of a Northumberland Day and produced some very interesting viewpoints and ideas. The passion that was generated within the room was incredible and demonstrated the pride that Northumbrians feel for their county, past and present.

“Our second meeting will be held on May 11 and we expect to see more people there, as those we have already engaged spread the word and recruit other members. We have a real momentum now and have honestly encountered nobody who thinks it a bad idea.

“Events such as the Tour de Yorkshire delivered £50million of economic benefit to Yorkshire and millions of people turned out to see events and tall ships at various Whitehaven Festivals. If we can create something vibrant and reflective of Northumberland’s personality and people, the contribution this could make to Northumberland would be invaluable.”