Probe after Northumbria Police speed camera van pictured parked on double yellow lines

The police speed camera van, clearly parked on double yellow lines in Keir Hardie Way.
The police speed camera van, clearly parked on double yellow lines in Keir Hardie Way.
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NORTHUMBRIA Police are investigating one of their own officers after a speed camera van was spotted illegally parked on double yellow lines – just yards from a designated parking area.

Former police officer Steve Adams passed the van on Keir Hardie Way, close to the Stadium of Light, and challenged the driver.

He took photographs of the vehicle and sent them to the Echo.

Northumbria Police said they are investigating the matter.

Mr Adams told the Echo: “She said ‘What’s the problem?’ and I said, ‘I think the problem is pretty obvious. You are pulling people for speeding while committing a traffic offence yourself’.”

The company director added: “I said to her ‘Can you explain to me why you are parked on double yellow lines when there is a marked police parking bay further up the road?’ and her response was, ‘It’s a police vehicle, I can park anywhere I like’.

“I said ‘That’s fair enough if you are responding to an emergency and you have got your blue lights on, but you’re not’.”

Mr Adams, who spent eight years as a police officer on Wearside and now runs his own building firm, added: “If I had been parked where she was and a traffic car had gone past, they would have pulled over and given me a ticket for being parked on the double yellow lines, no doubt.”

Chief Inspector George Maratty, from Northumbria Police’s Motor Patrols section, confirmed officers on duty were covered by the same laws of the road as any other motorist and the force was investigating why the camera van had been parked on yellow lines rather than in the designated bay.

He said: “We are currently looking into this situation.

“It is not acceptable for any vehicle, including police vehicles, to park on double yellow lines without good reason.

“All staff are told that they must not park either illegally or inconsiderately and, if they do, they are treated in exactly the same way as any member of the public.”