A pound for your nostalgic thoughts on the best Sunderland sweet shop

Well now you’ve got our tastebuds going!

By Chris Cordner
Wednesday, 27th February 2019, 10:00 am
The self-service Sweet Bar at Joplings. Thanks to Sunderland Antiquarian Society for the photograph.
The self-service Sweet Bar at Joplings. Thanks to Sunderland Antiquarian Society for the photograph.

We asked our followers on the Wearside Echoes Facebook page for their favourite sweet shop when they were young. You gave us some great answers and we got dozens of responses.

Whether it was 10 pence mix-ups or gobstoppers, toffee apples or slush puppies, you shared your memories of it all. So here we go with a look at some of the marvellous shops you remembered.

Forbuoys at Pennywell shops got the thumbs-up from Wearside Echoes followers.

A big hit was Bellerby’s at Carley Hill. Sam Neil told us: “It was a bakers too. They made the most amazing cakes and bread and had loads of sweets, ice lollies, ice cream and slush (got my first ever slush puppy from here). Happy memories x.”

Susan Hayton described it as “fantastic” while David Metcalfe said: “I had my first slush puppy there too. The blue one used to turn me gob bright blue, and 10p mix ups when you seemed to get loads for yer money. Happy days.”

High on the list was Maynards in Blandford Street which was a favourite with Mary Taylor, Janet Marrs and Jackie Sis who said: “Definitely Maynards in Blandford Street!”

Lorraine Hudson was another Maynards fan while Janice Thompson said: “Loved the Maynard’s in Sea Road Fulwell, next door to the Marina cinema.”

The Woolworths pick n mix section .

Joplings was another favourite, particularly with Moira Manson who remembered the little baskets you got there.

Fellow fans included Karen Butler and Amanda Meade who said: “Joplings. Sweet tobacco. Yum yum. XX.”

Sue Topley and Olwen Rudd both gave their vote to Claspers and Olwen reflected: “Mam used to take me round on a Saturday for sweets when we were at my Grandmas. I remember Mam used to have a ration book to get them as we could only get so many.”

Another popular choice was Marleys with Janet Taylor, Steven Logan, and Eileen Watson.

Gordon Buckle said: “Marleys Frederick Street.”

Norma Reay commented: “Marleys at the Wheatsheaf. My nana and granda lived in Roker Avenue – 6d pocket money on Saturday, straight into there.”

And Marjorie Bell gave it her backing. She said: “Marleys at the Wheatsheaf, all the workmen from JL Thompson went there for fags and sweets on payday to take home.”

Marjorie gets our thanks for also telling us: “I lived in Mulgrave Street in the 40s. A little shop round there somewhere was owned by a lady who had one son. She sold toffee apples and toffee cakes, all made by her. Can’t remember her or her sons name.”

Can anyone fill in the blanks, including the name of the shop? Email [email protected] if you can.

Let’s not forget the pick n mix section at Woolworths which got the vote of Steven Logan and Freda Kent.

Andy Galloway and Julie Dagg were both fans of Joannes on Plantation Road and Andy described it as “a canny little shop.”

Forbuoys got lots of mentions with Moira Horrox saying: “Forbuoys Pennywell !!!” and Len Hanson stating the same. Steven Logan commented: “Forbuoys Hylton Castle.”

Hodgsons on Sea Road was a winner in the eyes of Claire Turner and Lyndsey Hughes.

And on Hylton Road, it seemed people were spoilt for choice. Dave Mack Mackel said: “Aucterlonies on Hylton Road” while Linda Podd Mackel said: “Claspers on Hylton Road in the 60s” with Meg Hartford commenting: “My favourite too.”

Staying in the same street, Elaine Davidson said: “My dad’s. Pells on Hylton Road.”

Thanks to Margaret Schofield who said: “Snowballs in the East End, sweet shop and bakers, 1d mix up on way to school.”

Patricia Crowe remembered Jones sweet shop on Newcastle Road on the corner of Elizabeth Street.

Rudds on Cornhill Terrace, at the bottom of Carley Road, Southwick, was a winner in the eyes of Frederick Cornell. He remembered it from 1959 and believes it was run by two sisters.

And Redby tuck shop was highlighted by both Kathleen Sherriff and Jeff Thompson. The suggestions just kept on coming and there was Cranmers, at the bottom of Church Street in Deptford. Thanks to Thomas Pringle for that one.

Thanks to everyone who commented and there were plenty more as well as those mentioned above.