Will Sunderland be the first place to announce its General Election results?

Voting in Houghton in the 1970s.
Voting in Houghton in the 1970s.
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It is predicted that the first constituency will announce its election result at 10.50pm tomorrow.

But will Sunderland get there first?

According to Betting Firm Sporting Index, the first MP will arrive a couple of minutes later than the current record of 10.48pm - held by Houghton and Sunderland South from 2015.

Bridget Phillipson is defending the seat.

A constituency in the city has also been the first to declare in the six general elections since 1992.

In the last three general elections, the three Sunderland seats were the first to declare - and before midnight.

Ed Fulton, political spokesman for Sporting Index, said: “Sunderland’s constituencies have always led the way for first past the post records in recent general elections, and it will take a quick turnaround in any area to beat the record of 10.48pm held by Sunderland South.

“That said, Washington & Sunderland West and Sunderland Central could give their neighbors a close run, and all eyes will be on when the first results are announced tomorrow evening.”