Wearside MPs call for 'In 'vote in Euro ballot

Sharon Hodgson
Sharon Hodgson
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Sunderland's MPs are backing the campaign to keep the UK in the European Union.

Washington and Sunderland West MP Sharon Hodgson said: "The North-East benefits greatly from our membership of the EU with our region being the only regional net exporter in the UK to Europe, receiving significant investment from EU budgets to address social issues and invest into our economic future but also the large companies from all over the world who choose to base their companies in our region, such as Nissan here in Sunderland, and recruit and train a local workforce and bring much-needed growth.

Julie Elliott

Julie Elliott

"Britain has a proud tradition as an outward-looking country whilst working collaboratively with the international community on issues that not only affect our national security, but that of the rest of the world, including matters relating to climate change, terrorism and cross-border crime. Instead of becoming an isolationist nation, we must use all the avenues possible to us to ensure our nation remains protected. This includes our continued membership of the EU.

"Britain is far better off remaining a member of a reformed European Union fighting for further reforms, rather than standing on the side-lines as spectators throwing stones.

"The next few months will be important in deciding the future of the UK, and may be one we never see again in our lifetime. That is why I will be campaigning to remain a member of the European Union so that we can protect Britain’s best interests, both in terms of the lives of ordinary people, our future economic prosperity and national security."

Sunderland Central MP Julie Elliott said: "I strongly support Britain remaining in the EU.

Bridget Phillipson

Bridget Phillipson

"The people of Sunderland, the North East and the country will be better off remaining a part of the EU; many tensof thousands of jobs in our region depend on our membership, many positive things like the right to paid holiday have come to workers via our membership and I believe our future prosperity depends on our membership."

And Houghton and Sunderland South MP Bridget Phillipson MP added: "Jobs and growth in the North East rely on Britain’s continuing membership of the European Union.

"Over half our nation's exports go to EU countries, worth hundreds of billions of pounds every year.

"EU law guarantees UK workers a minimum of 4 weeks paid holiday, protected maternity and parental leave, equal treatment for part time and agency workers. Cross border challenges such as terrorism, organised crime and climate change cannot be tackled by one country alone.

"A vote to leave is a vote to remove our influence and voice. It would jeopardise thousands of jobs and businesses in our region."