'Too little, too late' - Echo readers react to Sunderland Labour councillors' plan to scrap free meals after meetings

The motion to axe free meals after council meetings will be put forward on Wednesday, May 15.
The motion to axe free meals after council meetings will be put forward on Wednesday, May 15.

Proposals to get rid of free meals at the end of council meetings in Sunderland have been hailed as "too little, too late" by some residents.

Sunderland Labour councillors announced their motion to axe the meals yesterday - despite mocking the idea when it was tabled by the city's Liberal Democrats in January.

While some readers have said the idea, which will be discussed at Sunderland City Council's full meeting tomorrow, is a "tiny shuffle" in the right direction, others have said the action has been taken too late - and only after the party lost seats in the local elections earlier this month.

Sunderland Labour Group released a statement, entitled "you spoke, we listened" detailing the proposals yesterday, as well as plans to cut the number of Special Responsibility Allowances paid to councillors.

In it, the party said it will continue to fight for the residents of the city - and be "equally committed" to winning back the votes of those who moved away from Labour.

Here is what you had to say about the issue on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

Leader of Sunderland City Council Graeme Miller.

Leader of Sunderland City Council Graeme Miller.

Lynne Pennington: "Should never have had them anyway."

John Gillon: "Too little, too late."

Marty Rome: "It's no good trying to make a difference now."

Claire Foster: "A tiny shuffle in the right direction."

Chris Bambrough: "I'm a Labour voter, but the idea the councillors should get free meals is frankly absurd."

John Wild: "Lost almost 14% of their seats compared to 7% nationally. Maybe finally realising we’ve had enough."

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Alan Mcdonald: "I just want my bin collected more than once a fortnight."

Ali Riley: "Keep listening Labour or votes will keep declining."

Trish Sleep: "Shame it takes them to lose seats before listening to the people they 'represent'."

Shaun Wind: "Now they take action after the loss of seats."

Brian Hill: "The many years of Labour rule in the North East is starting to erode."

Sarah Ann Taylor: "No councillor in the country should get free meals when we have people living on the street."

Ian Middlemist: "Should have happened years ago."