Sunderland MP fights twitter trolls after resigning in Jeremy Corbyn debacle

Sharon Hodgson.
Sharon Hodgson.
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A Wearside MP is fighting back against twitter trolls after taking flak for quitting her role as a shadow minister.

Sharon Hodgson, who represents Washington and Sunderland West, was among the dozens resigning from the Labour front benches this week in protest at Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

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Since then she and other MPs have taken heavy flak from Corbyn supporters, and been called a "traitor" and a "bully" by twitter users.

Now she is fighting back, highlighting abuse tweets, slamming her critics and blocking users who send her aggressive messages.

"I am bullying no one. I am the one being bullied," she said. "I'm elected by the people of my constituency to be their MP."

She told one user: "I'm not a "backstabbing blairite, genocide enabler" I'll not take this abuse especially from 'new' members. Blocked!"

And replied to another: "My seat isn't rotten! I was fairly elected by the good people of Washing and Sunderland West. How dare you!"

She added to another: "I am not a "Blairite traitor" can you people out there stop with this abuse! Blocked!"

There are those who have rallied to her defence, however.

Brian Lister said: "Well said Sharon, be a public servant but don't be a public doormat."

Andrew Pakes said: "Good on you @SharonHodgsonMP for calling bullies out. We are lucky to have you as a Labour representative."