Sunderland local elections: Who will get your vote in Southwick?

Candidates for the Southwick ward, from left, Kelly Chequer, David Lawson, Stephen O' Brien.
Candidates for the Southwick ward, from left, Kelly Chequer, David Lawson, Stephen O' Brien.

Sunderland goes to the polls later this week for the local elections.

Here’s why the candidates standing in the South wick ward think they’re worth your vote.

Neville Chamberlin (Conservative) (no picture supplied)

I decided to stand in Southwick ward after reading the shocking Ofsted report into the unprecedented failure of Children’s Services in Sunderland.

Arguably the most vulnerable people in Sunderland were let down by the people charged to look after them.

As of today no councillor has resigned. This is disgraceful.

We need a strong opposition to call them to book when, as all too often things go wrong.

Be it in Children’s Services or general mismanagement which for instance lost us £3.6millon on the new bridge before work had even started.

We need to break down the “we know best” attitude of this Labour Council which stems from their position of absolute power.

Local residents’ views are routinely ignored on planning decisions and developments.

I will fight for local voices to be heard.

The cost of running the Council must be cut and I will challenge all spending.

Kelly Chequer (Labour)

Having lived in Southwick Ward for over 15 years, and as a working mum, I am very aware of the challenges facing families and young people in our area. 

Working for the NHS, I coordinate the care and treatment of older people with mental health problems, particularly dementia. 

I take great pride in making a difference to people’s lives. I want to bring that dedication to improving peoples’ lives to Southwick Ward and that is why I am asking for your support.

We know the North East is suffering as a result of Tory Government cuts and areas like ours are being dealt an especially bad hand.

If elected I promise to give you, my neighbours, a strong voice in the city, fighting your corner at every opportunity. 

Please help me give something back to our community by giving me your vote on May 5.

Davis Lawson (Green)

My Name is David Lawson. I am 52 years old. I have a great interest in Southwick Ward.

I went to St Benet’s School and my grandparents lived in the Southwick Ward in Carley Hill. After my grandma died my grandpa lived in Pilgrim Close.

I know that the closure of Wearmouth Colliery was a great tragedy to many families in the ward.

The Green Party is anxious to see that there are plenty of opportunities for employment.

Many people are uneasy about the plans for extracting oil from underground by fracking and the Green Party is against this.

We do not know what effect this will have on the environment.

We want to see a clean and healthy environment for the community to enjoy.

It is a great shame that many of the shops are closed down and we would encourage the re-opening of them, so that people could shop locally.

I am a great supporter of our football club. I used to sell programmes and also worked on the turnstiles.

No matter which party you support, I would represent you if I am elected.

Please Vote Green. Vote David Lawson your Green Party candidate for Southwick,

Stephen O’Brien (LibDem)

I am a Liberal because I believe in individual freedoms and that decisions should be made as locally as possible.

For too long now, Sunderland Council has made top-down decisions without listening to local people.

Instead of wasting council tax payers’ money on vanity projects and consultants, the council must get back to basics and start to prioritise vital local services like fixing potholes, keeping our streets clean and saving the likes of school crossing patrols on dangerous roads.

If elected, I will be a strong voice – standing up to save disabled travel for young people, which is being axed by the council, keeping Monkwearmouth Station Museum open, and continuing my campaign for safe standing at the Stadium of Light.

Southwick Ward has only ever elected Labour or Liberal Councillors.

cal elIf you want a strong voice for Southwick and a strong opposition on Sunderland Council, vote for the Liberal Democrats.

Sandy Taylor (UKIP)

No information supplied.